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Flight status results for route Gold Coast (OOL) to Sydney (SYD), 03-09-2014

Departure Arrival
Flight # Departing Arriving Scheduled Updated Gate# Scheduled Updated Gate# Status
VA500 Gold Coast (OOL) Sydney (SYD) 06:00am 05:57am 5 07:30am 07:26am 40 Landed
VA504 Gold Coast (OOL) Sydney (SYD) 07:00am 07:06am 4 08:30am 08:40am 39 Landed
VA512 Gold Coast (OOL) Sydney (SYD) 09:05am 09:02am 5 10:35am 10:27am 32 Landed
VA518 Gold Coast (OOL) Sydney (SYD) 11:05am 11:03am 5 12:35pm 12:23pm 38 Landed
VA524 Gold Coast (OOL) Sydney (SYD) 13:05pm 13:05pm 4 14:35pm 14:35pm 39 Flight Operating
VA528 Gold Coast (OOL) Sydney (SYD) 15:05pm 15:05pm 5 16:35pm 16:35pm 45 Flight Operating
VA536 Gold Coast (OOL) Sydney (SYD) 17:05pm 17:05pm 6 18:35pm 18:35pm 35 Flight Operating
VA540 Gold Coast (OOL) Sydney (SYD) 18:05pm 18:05pm 5 19:35pm 19:35pm 33 Flight Operating
VA544 Gold Coast (OOL) Sydney (SYD) 19:05pm 19:05pm 5 20:35pm 20:35pm 38 Flight Operating

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